Monday, April 12, 2010

Tips for de-cluttering and clearing space

Tips for de-cluttering and clearing space
by: Marissa Anteby

Saving mementos is a way of bringing your past with you in to the future. It's comforting to have meaningful possessions around, as a reminder of where you've been and what you've done. Of course we all want our homes and offices to be reflective of who we are, and what our interests are. However, it's important to achieve a comfortable balance between filled and empty space. Sometimes collections grow and too many knick knacks wind up restricting the flow of positive energy. Cluttered rooms eventually lead to a loss of momentum, general feelings of stuffiness, and in extreme cases, contribute to an inability to move on and try new things.

So, what can you do to de-clutter you environment and make way for new energy to whoosh through your open home or office? Start by keeping an open mind. Don't try to tackle everything at once. Break down your project one room at a time, or if need be, one area at a time. Anything is possible if you approach it piece by piece.

- Do a spring cleaning. Take everything out of its place and make sure to clean any dark corners.

- While you are touching each item to be cleaned, decide if it will remain where it is, or place it in 1 of 3 piles. 1 = storage, 2 = give away, 3 = undecided.

- Anything that you think you won't need for some time, place in your 'storage' pile. These will be items you don't need immediate access to, yet you aren't going to throw them out; such as bank statements.

- Anything you no longer need, or has ceased serving a purpose in your life, as a practical or emotional matter, place in your 'give away' pile.

- Anything that you deem as something you would miss, place in your 'undecided' pile.

- Box up your 3 piles separately, making sure to label and date the boxes.

- As soon as you can, take your 'give away' box to a local charity.

- In 1 month's time, take out your 'undecided' box and review what's in it. If you haven't missed some or all the items, transfer them to a new 'give away' box.

- In 2 month's time, take out your 'storage' box, and see if you can transfer any items from there to a new 'give away' box. You can always go back to any boxes you have remaining and repeat the process, in order to whittle down what you are holding on to.

After completing this actual and metaphorical housecleaning project, you'll feel lighter, because removing excess anything, makes way for fresh air, fresh ideas, and fresh outlooks to flourish. It's not only your body that will benefit from having more space, it's your mind too. Letting go of the past has a way of propelling you in to the future with renewed gusto.

Marissa Anteby

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