embody yoga

Each class begins with breathing exercises that relax your body and quiet your mind. Your attention is turned inward, as you set a spiritual and physical intention for the day. Throughout the session, these aspirations are woven into your movements, and your form becomes an expression of these themes.

The warm-up targets and activates the major muscle groups of the body, as well as the supporting muscle groups. The intensity progressively increases, as you move on to sun-salutations and asana practice. Alignment and proper biomechanical functions are highlighted. The daily routines include: standing, seated, inverted, balancing, and twisting poses. Modifications are given, to create more and/or less of a challenge.

The final component is a guided meditation that facilitates the detoxification and decompression of your body, from mental and physical stress. You will leave feeling fully stretched out from head to toe, as if your entire being was pushed to its limit. Yet, miraculously you are invigorated with a renewed and rejuvenated sense of self.

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