Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tips for having a good sigh

Tips for having a good sigh
By: Marissa Anteby

Spending time alone affords you a different perspective on reality. When you are free to think, and do, whatever you please, without external influences, you can experience pure unadulterated contemplation. To fully absorb the processes of your outside world, you must first be willing to take a poignant look in to the mirror of your soul. A viewing that's not colored by what others want or feel will reveal your core beliefs. This shouldn't be confused with getting stuck in your head and replaying the events of the day. On the contrary, true clarity emerges from exploring your inner life; what's happening right now with your breathing, heart rate, and fluctuations of your mind. Committing your attention to yourself from the inside-out intensifies your sensitivity to all aspects of your existence. The more introspective you become, the better equipped you are to view and partake in fulfilling relationships and situations.

Here's a simple centering technique that's easy to remember because even if you forget it, you'll now notice when you do it involuntarily.

1- Sigh: Make a really exaggerated long audible sigh.

2- Deconstruct what you did:
You automatically inhaled deeply and slowly, and exhaled just as slowly. This is fantastic breathing! You've cleared your mind to focus on one thing... sighing. So, you relieved your own stress and tension for the entire time you were expelling air. You focused your attention and decelerated your heartbeat.

You can do this breathing exercise any time you want to relax. Feel free to add some details to tailor this to suit your needs. Play with the following suggestions to find what you like best:
- Close your mouth.
- Breathe through your nose.
- Sit up tall with lifted posture.
- Shut your eyes.
- Focus on the sound, texture, and heat of your exhalations as they escape through your nostrils.

See how many body parts you can incorporate in to this exploration:
- Notice how your chest rises and falls with each successive inhale and exhale.
- Or how your low back rounds and undulates with the movement of your breath from your core to your extremities.

Most of all, revel in the slowing down of your mind for a rejuvenated you.

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