Monday, September 27, 2010

Tips for building a support system

Tips for building a support system
By: Marissa Anteby

Being stoic and solely self-reliant are admirable traits but not always necessary in today's ever-evolving world. Roles at home and at work are continuously shifting and morphing in to something totally new. As responsibilities change, so do the different people called upon to assist. Neglecting to utilize this help doesn't do anyone good. But, learning to bring everyone in as part of the team is a delicate science.

Forging partnerships take time and patience. It's a worthwhile endeavor, considering, sharing brings us closer to who we are meant to be. The strength of a posse backing you can sometimes be all you need to summon the courage to do what seems impossible. Often it's those closest to you that see your full potential even before you do.

So, who and what are your best supports? Make a list of people and things that you can count on to boost you up.
1- Which family members understand where you are coming from?
2- Which friends are on board with where your path is taking you?
3- Which colleagues can you look to for advice and/or mentoring?
4- Which groups or associations have like-minded members that you jell with?
5- What connections do you have spiritually to get you through the hard times?
6- What can you do to build your confidence and self-esteem?
7- How can you enrich your mental and physical energy?

Ensure you have enough reserve power in each aspect of your life; family, friends, profession, spirituality, and health. Invest in yourself by funding each segment on a regular basis.

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