Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tips for amplifying your awareness

Tips for amplifying your awareness
By: Marissa Anteby

With greater awareness comes increased possibilities. By opening yourself up to more than what's right in front of you, your view of reality expands exponentially. Instead of being drawn in to the past or pulled in to the future, you free yourself up to concentrate on what's happening in each arriving moment. The instant you become conscious that you are not in the present, that your mind is wandering off to somewhere before or after, that is precisely when you are in the 'now.'

By gathering in your attention, you slow down and focus in a whole new way. You can be at ease and maintain an alertness, enjoying a freshly awakened manner of being. You'll find a true home in each current experience, a peace that transcends the passing of time. Like a wave that carries you from one action to the next, a buried treasure of sorts, waiting to be discovered.

Periodically noticing when old habits creep up and take you out of the present moment, can quell the frenzy of thoughts that are your usual companions. Common misdirections of the mind are:
- too many 'To Do' lists
- worry
- doubt
- fear
- anger
- regret
- multi-tasking (Are you everyplace but where you are?)
- dwelling on the past

Don't sacrifice the present by being pulled out of it to go backwards or forwards. Let this time be all there is for now.

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