Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tips for brightening your aura

Tips for brightening your aura
By: Marissa Anteby

Have you ever felt someone's energy from across a room, or 'seen' someone 'light up a room' with their positivity? That's because everyone and everything is made up of varying degrees of vibration, and on a very subtle level you are aware of changes in the vibrations around you.

Sound and light can be broken down in to quantifiable vibrations, and your body is made up of specific vibrations as well. These vibrations are most dense at energy centers inside of your body, known as 'chakras.' Chakras are connected by pathways called 'meridian lines.' Your thoughts, feelings, and actions flow through you, via meridian lines that connect your chakras, and flow around you, shinning out like an aura.

Your aura is an individual force-field of energy that surrounds your body. It is emotionally charged by your thoughts, feelings, actions, and so on. Although auras can't easily be seen, there are colors associated with each person's aura. You can try to imagine it as a glowing colored light that shines like an outline.

Many factors influence changes to your aura. Since you give off and receive energy, it's important to realize that what's going on inside and outside of you, has ramifications on a cellular level. Meaning, your thoughts and your environment are ultimately connected to your DNA. This two-way process of giving off your own unique energy, and absorbing charges in the atmosphere around you, leads to changes in the way you think and feel. Over time, this transmission of energy affects you and the people around you.

By surrounding yourself with positive people and places, your internal energy will be more and more positively charged. Your thoughts will then fill the atmosphere with more of what you like. To enjoy this give and take of energies most beneficially, tune in to your thoughts on a regular basis, in order to maintain awareness of all the good you are attracting.

Soon you will be the bright light shinning in and across all the rooms you enter!

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